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Where’a Your Trust?

430235484_16bedf8795_mI have been failed a lot of times by people and I guess others may say the same about me. Sometimes people fail you or you fail people not because you do it intentionally but just because you are human and it is in your nature. Man forgets…man fails, yet many people still put their trust in man.

I hear many folks talk about their parents, family members, bosses, political leaders and the promises they made to them which make them so happy. Well guys even the most honest among us still fails, still forgets…because he is man. The only thing that is sure is God’s word. God is as good as His Word. And God’s Word is as good as He is. Do you have God’s promise? Do you have God’s Word? Then just rejoice. That is as good as having it.

Live your greatest life!

Stand Up For What is Right

Several years ago three young men who were among the ruling class of the most powerful nation on earth at the time, stood up against the decision of the most powerful ruler on earth even when the consequences were dire; their crime was considered treason and as the constitution at the time stated, they were to be put to death without trial yet they were unfazed and held their grounds even in the face of death.

In the book of Daniel we are told about the trio of Shedrach Meshach and Abednego who told the king, to hell with his laws and the position they occupied if it meant they had to compromise, concede or sell their faith and their belief in God. They would rather face death….a gruesome one at that than bow to a graven image. They believed their God would save them but if for any reason he didn’t they still wouldn’t bow.

How many of us can stand by our resolves and true conviction? In today’s world many of us Christians are entering into agreements, contracts against our moral code because we are guaranteed dollars and power. We join the rest of the world in accepting behaviours that clearly contradict our calling and purpose. We join associations where our faith is outlawed and suppressed in the name of gaining good social standing. Continue reading Stand Up For What is Right

Wisdom Brings Success

“If the axe is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.” – Ecclesiastes 10:10

You see a lot of us are pursuing greatness and success with blunt mental axes. We haven’t spent any time to improve, to acquire more knowledge in our chosen fields, yet we complain when we do not see the expected results. There is no way you can get different results when you keep doing the same thing.

One of the most magnificent things about life is that it gives us an opportunity for a fresh start every second; every minute; every day; every week; every month; every year. Today we have been offered a new month to start afresh. It doesn’t matter what your results were in the past, you can make amends, improve, increase and be the best you can be this month by taking the time to sharpen the edge of your axe. Don’t go through life exerting too much physical efforts, when all you need to excel has been recorded somewhere and all you have to do is reach out for it.

Just as Ecclesiastes 10:10 tells us, strength alone doesn’t bring success. Because if it does, the many men and women who exert themselves and break their backs day in day out doing honest work here in Africa, won’t be living in poverty. They sweat just to earn miserly wages that cannot get them through average existence. Folks, hard work is but hard work plus wisdom is better. The Bible says that we cannot prevail by strength alone.

“Any day which is passed without treasuring up some good thought is not well spent. Every day is a leaf in the book of life. Do not waste a day any more than you would tear out leaves from the book of life.” Spend the time, read all the books you can read; all the articles you can read on your chosen field. Attend the workshops and seminars. Listen to the tapes – these give you the tools required to get the results you want.

Make February your best month yet. Live your greatest life!