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Keep Pushing – Video

Dreams and goals don’t get actualize without you pushing for them. If you are truly desirous of having the life of your dreams, you must be willing to keep pushing until you have them.

Get the motivation you need to hold on and press on towards your dreams and goals.

Quit Waiting and Take Action – Video

A verse of scripture says, “Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.”

yet too many people with dreams and goals are waiting for the right moment, the right opportunities, the right and perfect partner, and everything to just line up for them.

Do you find yourself in this category – where you are shifting, and postponing the pursuit of your dreams to some future date when everything will have be perfect.

Hey its time to wake up! There will never be a perfect time to go after your dreams and goals. Watch this video and find the motivation to get up and start taking the right actions to actualize your dreams.

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Do You Have Dreams? – Video

Do you have dreams and goals? What are you doing about them? For most people they allow the negative behaviours, doubts and criticisms of others influence them into abandoning their dreams and goals.

If you need motivation to pursue your dreams, then this is the video you must watch.

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What is Holding You Back From Your Dreams Video

We all have dreams, and whatever your dreams and goals are, you deserve to have them. Yet maybe like most people i know, you are being held back from achieving those dreams and goals.

In this inspiring video, I share with you some powerful insights on how to overcome those obstacles and challenges to start achieving your dreams.

Take a listen, and kindly share it with someone.

Do You Know a Purposeless Life Leads to Failure?

Do you have a definite purpose in life? A lot of people don’t. They just take whatever life brings to them. They work on the first job that becomes available, date the first girl/guy that says ‘yes’ to them.

Too many people are drifters. Drifting from job to job, relationship to relationship, from one failed marriage to the other, from one city to the other…in search of a better life.

Unfortunately, life expects you to have a clearly defined purpose. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know if or when you have arrived?

The life you are living in this moment is the one you have created. If you don’t like it, it simply means you didn’t take the time to define how your future should look like.

In this video, I shared on why you must have a clearly defined purpose, and how that affects your success in life.

Take a moment to watch it, and also share it with others you know. Let me know your thoughts.

The Power of Consistency

One reason why we don’t make any impact with our work is the fact that we are not consistent. We expect results too quickly and so we give up when are frustrated at the delays and little challenges we experience.

Watch this video and be inspired to plodd on and keep doing what you’re doing. Results often come at the point we give up:

Let me hear your thoughts and takes on the video. Please feel free to share if you have been blessed.