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Have You Never Seen God?

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As a little boy growing up, I used to wonder and imagined a lot about if I will ever see God. In all the stories I was told in Sunday school and the books I read described God in His glory and magnificence.

I felt chill cold each time I attended crusades with older people and see people fall under the anointing, and I thought about how powerful God was throwing people around at the mention of his name.

I thought then that God was only found in some churches, in assemblies where the preachers are holy and can perform miracles…I thought people like me could never see God as he reveals himself only to special and holy people, not to boys like me who tell lies, disobey parents, wear dirty clothes etc sometimes.

As an adult today, I still see people think the way I thought as a little boy. I hear people talk about how God is in some churches and not in others. And how miracles represent the presence of God and so on. Continue reading Have You Never Seen God?

Low Aspirations Lead to a Low Life!

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It is easy to find too many people complaining about a lack of resources, lack of opportunities to make money and become rich in life. Folks like that are always looking for help outside of themselves. They think out there, is where the inspiration and solution lies, but as John Milton tells us, “There is nothing that makes men rich and strong but that which they carry inside of them. Wealth is of the heart, not of the hand.” We can go a step further and say that wealth of the heart rightly expressed will ensure physical wealth.

The secret of all great folks is found in their vision hours. They create time intentionally to dream and visualize their desires. God told Abraham in the Bible, to visualize and dream about his future, and how big or small his vision will determine what God will grant him. I notice that too many people don’t have any vision for their lives, they don’t dream, they are just reality focused.

I remember visiting a resort, owned by a very wealthy individual. I had heard so much about the place and the owner but never met him. So during that trip, I decided to spend time in the resort’s chapel. On entering there, I was surprised to see an old man in his 80s already in there meditating and writing down his thoughts in a journal so early in the morning. Continue reading Low Aspirations Lead to a Low Life!

You Become What You Envision Yourself to Be

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You become what you envision yourself to be. This statement is so true yet most people don’t realize it because they go about seeing themselves as poor, good for nothing, unlucky and so forth and that is why nothing good ever happens in their lives.

What about you, how do you see yourself despite what is going on around you? Do you let the attitude of others; your environment; your circumstances affect you to the point where you see yourself so small? Friends, I hear people say this of themselves when things go downwards; “Poor little old me” unfortunately for these folks that is the direction their lives will go as they will end up becoming poor, little and old.

Next time you stand in front of the mirror try and look beyond your scars, your present situation and envision yourself in the future that God created you to be. Look God told Abraham lift up your eyes and look, because as far as you can see, that will I give you as an inheritance. Stop letting where you are define where you will be. Stop letting where you have been determine where you are going. Continue reading You Become What You Envision Yourself to Be

Stop Sitting on The Edge

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

One day two butterflies were on the edge of a flower, discussing. One said, “We cannot know whether there is any honey in the flower; no butterfly ever found honey, and no butterfly ever will.” The other said, “Well, nevertheless, I think there might be some.” And while they argued back and forth, a humming-bird flew in and ran its long beak into the flower, and sipped the sweetness they flew away.

Most of us are like these two butterflies, we sit by, discussing, arguing, planning, and praying but we never dare take action. And while we contemplate and plan, someone else rushes in and takes the opportunities from under us and become successful.

There is a saying that “fools rush in where Angels fear thread.” While this statement may be true for people who act without plans, the world we live in today has been made better because some people acted where others were too scared and sceptical to take action. Do you have a dream, vision or goal? Enough of all the talk about your intentions step out today and act on them and you will see that circumstances, events and people will come your way to help you succeed. Continue reading Stop Sitting on The Edge

Don’t Let Your Eyes Limit Your Vision

“Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world.” Are you among those people? How do you regard your future and the world? Do you let your past, fears, limitations and challenges determine how you plan for your future.

No matter what or where you’ve been, and how you are now, you can still be great. Your future is colourful and bright, all you need do is start changing the way you view the world. There is so much more to be achieved, the world is filled with possibilities. We just don’t see it, because we have been view the world with limited vision.

Do you want to experience a better future? Change your thinking. It’s been said and it is true, that your thinking creates your reality. All the people who are doing great things today, have been big thinkers, as our lives reflect the size of our thinking. Don’t let your circumstances determine what you think and dream about your life. Even God says all things are possible to the person that believes, irrespective of where they were born, which school they attended, how much money they have. Continue reading Don’t Let Your Eyes Limit Your Vision

What Vision do You Hold of Yourself?

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

One of my favourite scriptures says, God grants the desires of our hearts. But unfortunately, I have come to realize that most of us don’t have our desires clearly pictured in our minds. And when we did, we don’t hold it long enough in our minds.

If you don’t know what you want in life, people are going to hand you what they think is best for you, and most times what they will give you will be far smaller, far more inferior to what you truly deserve. I remember the few times I went shopping without having a clear picture of what I wanted to buy. And each time, the shop attendants asked me what I wanted, I replied “I don’t know exactly” and they will go on to offer to help.

By helping, they will show me products they thought were good for me. Sometimes they end up selling to me a product they’ve carried for a long time, for which they’ve been having a hard time selling. – But that’s life when you don’t know what you want.

Folks the bible says without vision the people perish. – Without having a clear mental picture of what you desire or want from life, you will be overcome by the high level of negativity around. You see every day we are bombarded by doubts, scorn, and ridicule from people who don’t believe in us. It takes looking at your vision of your future to face this negativity.

For some of us, the question isn’t about whether we have a vision or a mental picture of our lives, but rather what type of picture of you are you holding? When you look at your life, what do you see? The answer could be found by taking a look at your results. I have discovered that the majority of us hold a poor mental image of ourselves. Continue reading What Vision do You Hold of Yourself?

Let Nobody Stop You!

Image Credit: flickr.com
Image Credit: flickr.com

“A young house wife decides to take knitting lessons so she can knit sweaters, kaftans, and all sorts of things. She gets a book and the needles and yarn and starts to learn the simplest knitting steps, full of visions of brightly coloured mittens and clothes. Then her husband comes home from work and tells her how hard it is to knit, how she’ll have to work years to be any good at it, how many women have started and quit. He gives her one of those patented, patronizing smiles that says, “You will never learn to knit very well you poor thing.” And before he has left the room she is believing more in his cynicism than in her faith.”

Folks this story represents the various scenarios that take place in our lives at one point or the other when we set out to realize our dream. You see the major reason why so many of us let our dreams die – unrealized, and unlived is because of the negative, sarcastic, and cynical attitudes of other people – especially our friends, family, colleagues etc. You have a dream, and seek out a friend, or family member for advice and instead of them helping you out positively, they release a “foot-long” list of all the obstacles, and reasons why you will fail, why you shouldn’t pursue your dreams. You leave them feeling so unmotivated, sick, and foolish for ever conceiving such ideas or dreams. Continue reading Let Nobody Stop You!