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Low Aspirations Lead to a Low Life!

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It is easy to find too many people complaining about a lack of resources, lack of opportunities to make money and become rich in life. Folks like that are always looking for help outside of themselves. They think out there, is where the inspiration and solution lies, but as John Milton tells us, “There is nothing that makes men rich and strong but that which they carry inside of them. Wealth is of the heart, not of the hand.” We can go a step further and say that wealth of the heart rightly expressed will ensure physical wealth.

The secret of all great folks is found in their vision hours. They create time intentionally to dream and visualize their desires. God told Abraham in the Bible, to visualize and dream about his future, and how big or small his vision will determine what God will grant him. I notice that too many people don’t have any vision for their lives, they don’t dream, they are just reality focused.

I remember visiting a resort, owned by a very wealthy individual. I had heard so much about the place and the owner but never met him. So during that trip, I decided to spend time in the resort’s chapel. On entering there, I was surprised to see an old man in his 80s already in there meditating and writing down his thoughts in a journal so early in the morning. Continue reading Low Aspirations Lead to a Low Life!

1 Key to Success: Visualization


One reason why most of our lives are the way they are right now is because we are afraid to live our dreams. We are afraid to desire success and go after it; and imagine what having real success will make us feel. We are so used to putting our confidence on the things and circumstances that are happening around us, how overwhelming life has become that we fail to realize that we have within us the power to change our lives and our present circumstances. – our minds.

Instead of believing in our inner abilities and power that God has given us, we spend our entire lives focusing and believing in our powerlessness, our limitations and restrictions. We defuse our powers and our capacity to effect positive change in our lives with our negative thinking and lack of faith.

We focus only on the obstacles in our path; our lack of money and connections and we forget that any human working with God is greater than any obstacle or opposition on his or her path. Until you begin to see yourself getting out of that situation, you can never come out of it. You will instead be buried by that challenge like many folks have done. Continue reading 1 Key to Success: Visualization