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Don’t Quit 5 Seconds To Your Miracle

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Contrary to the beliefs of a lot of folks, it isn’t their lack of money, lack of skills, hard luck, or lack of connections that is responsible for their mediocre results. Rather it is simply a lack of persistence. Too many people give too soon.

Persistence is a very important quality we must possess if we are to reach our destined heights in life. There are several scriptures of the Bible that stress the importance of persistence in the work of God. One of such is 1 Corinthians 15: 58: “Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain.”

Folks as with your Christian work so it is it life. Achieving anything great in life requires persistent effort and constancy of purpose. Staying at something long after the excitement of the moment is gone. Persistence always gives confidence. Everybody believes in the person who persists. They may meet misfortunes, sorrows, and reverses, but everybody believes that they will ultimately triumph because they know there is no keeping such individuals down. Continue reading Don’t Quit 5 Seconds To Your Miracle

What Problems are You Solving?

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In today’s world, those who are leaders in the workplace and marketplace are men and women who have found out how to solve complex problems without even inventing anything new. Why then do some of us think that one needs to invent or create revolutionary device, concept or product before we can be said to have done something original?

Folks you don’t need to invent or create afresh before you can stand out in your industry or market. The most in-demand skill today according to the future of job report of the world economic forum, is complex problem solving. So to stand out, you only just have to find a problem around you, your organization, neighbourhood, state, or country and solve.

Look around you what is wrong? Then go solve it! You may not have invented the airplane, but you possibly can improve something in it to serve us better, you may not have invented the PC or the Smartphone, but you possibly can add something in it to improve its usefulness to us. Okay you are not a tech guy/gal? Maybe you can write or tell an old story from a new point of view, or do an old task in a strangely interesting way. Whatever ideas you carry in you, just go do them! Continue reading What Problems are You Solving?

Its Time to Embrace Failure

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

The world has taught us to dread failure, to hate failure, and to even consider ourselves worthless if and when we fail in life. But on the contrary, failure shouldn’t be feared, instead it should be embraced. A wise man once defined failure as one of God’s educators; an experience leading man to higher things. Most of the people whose lives, and achievements we celebrate today often look back with real happiness on their failures, as failure marked the turning point of their lives. When they tell their life stories, they are always thankful for the failed opportunities, the failed businesses or products, or the many other things they tried and didn’t succeed, which now formed the foundation of their success.

We can learn from nature and recognize that often times when we fail, God is only preparing us for better things, just as a seed has to be destroyed when planted before it can become a big plant, or in the way the failure of the caterpillar becomes the birth of the butterfly Continue reading Its Time to Embrace Failure