About Vincent

Vincent Egoro has a life purpose of inspiring people to live their greatest life! Even though life includes challenges that can slow you down, Vincent believes anyone can breakthrough and be, do or have anything and everything they can dream about. His expertise helps individuals discover their purpose and pursue a vision that’s true to them. He helps people persevere until they reach their goals, even in the face of adversity, fears and obstacles.

Egoro is in demand as a motivational speaker, personal success coach and Trainer to Schools, Churches, Companies, Public Institutions and individuals that are ready to become more than they presently are in areas that matter most to them; their business, educational success, intimate relationships and personal lives.

Vincent was trained as an Architect and has worked in both private and public sectors where he handled project management, Architectural designs, Project construction and supervision as well as Staff training before resigning to launch his own company; Inner Greatness Abound.

A training company that offers a range of services and products to help people achieve their highest potential for greatness in their business, relationships and personal lives amidst changes and challenges. He also holds Certificates in Inspirational leadership, Servant Leadership, Personal Branding, Coaching, Mentoring, Business, Psychology and Social Media Marketing.

In addition Vincent Egoro hosts a popular weekly TV talk show in Nigeria called “Living Your Greatest Life”  every Monday mornings. This show shares inspiring and empowering messages to help people unlock their inner greatness and live life more joyously, gloriously and abundantly by showing them the principles they can use to lift themselves up and overcome everyday challenges.

Vincent Lives in Abuja, Nigeria with his lovely wife.

His definition of greatness:

“I believe every one of us can achieve greatness. To me, greatness isn’t all about fame; it isn’t a position of power; it isn’t having so much money; it isn’t having one’s name written in history books, or receiving recognition for your works.  – If you do your best, live your best and inspire others to do the same, you are great! Greatness is service.” – Vincent Egoro


132 thoughts on “About Vincent”

  1. Vincent, thank you for visiting my blog, which has led me to yours. Love your encouraging style and the ongoing theme of your posts. I’m a follower! Be blessed!


  2. Hello, Vincent. Thank you for liking “Venturing Forth” on emergingboldly. I cordially invite you to visit one of my other blogs: hisdeeplove.wordpress.com. Isn’t it wonderful, how God creates us with gifts, passions, dreams and everything else it takes to be the expression of Himself He intended! Love, peace, hope and joy continue to be yours in Jesus. Hannah

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  3. Thank you, Vincent, for liking my Father’s Day post at “Good Sunday Morning!” where I provide “Sunday musings about faith and life’s journey.” I am also co-author of “False Justice – Eight Myths that Convict the Innocent”—a nonfiction book about convicting the innocent—which has been published in the U.S. by Kaplan and Routledge and in China by Peking University Press. I like your topics and look forward to reading more of your posts.

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  4. Hello Vincent, Thanks for liking my post. I’m new on the block and it’s inspiring to be liked by you.

    I loved reading many of your post and wish to keep coming back.
    Love and Light!


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    1. Thank you so much Marie..You’ve proven in so many ways that you are a dependable and trustworthy friend. I am humbled and honoured by this gesture! God bless you.


  5. Brother, thanks for visiting my blog a few times.

    I now know why.

    Your blog is as thoughtful as… if not more than.

    Keep that positive momentum going.

    After all, it’s all we can truly rely on.


  6. Thanks for stopping by and reading 2014 on my blog, I encourage you to check out some of the devotions and other short stories. I like the encouraging words on your blog and believe I will just follow:)


  7. Thank-you for stopping by my blog and liking my post “Will We Have Belly Buttons in Heaven”. It was very encouraging and it led me to your blog. I have really enjoyed it so far. Be Blessed…

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