Who Do You Have Around?

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I have always emphasized the value of people – friends, family, colleagues, and associates in our success journey. And you really people if you must succeed but you don’t need everybody or too many people. What is required and should be nurtured is strategic relationships.

Take for instance in my case, where I moved into a new city without any connections, and very little resources that ended in my first month of settling into the city. I wouldn’t have come this far if I hadn’t had support from the wonderful people God brought my way.

Folks again you need people! But if they wandering aimlessly through life and encouraging you to spend less time on your purpose you need to flee from them. Just because someone was your best friend since childhood, or you guys used to play football and pluck mango fruits together back in the day doesn’t mean they still have to be around you today in your journey to purpose if they cannot see where you are going. Continue reading Who Do You Have Around?

Luck or God, What Do You Depend On?

There’s so much talk about luck, today when people succeed others who didn’t will credit that success to luck or chance. Also so many people tend to justify their failure on the ground that they were doomed by bad luck, and therefore no amount of effort they would’ve put in could’ve changed the outcomes.

But does success or failure in life rest on being lucky or unlucky? Personally I think that our success in life depends on God, to direct our faith, courage, determination, efforts and skills to go after our dreams, because we have the power within us to create our own circumstances and set things to our advantage.

Success like most things we desire in life has a price and those who desire it must be willing to pay the price. But too often we realise that those rely on luck don’t think it worthwhile to prepare for success and pay the price for it. Instead they’re looking for short cuts and easy routes to get it.

Of all the successful people I know and those I have studied about, none of them ever attributed their success to luck – infact they never mentioned the word. And you shouldn’t too if you must achieve success in any area of your life.

So what then should we depend on if luck is ruled out? We should depend on God.

Believe it or not there is a God factor, and in my own life l have experienced it many times. Because there are times when after putting in all the effort and applying all the success principles I know, things won’t still work out.

Then suddenly, when all hope is almost lost things begin to align. And I bet someone reading this may confirm that they too have these experiences too. Those instances when you honestly know that nothing you did or could ever do, brought you this far.

It could only be God. So folks rather than depend on luck, depend on God to guide, direct and lead your efforts to success.

Can We Really Be Anything We Want to Be?

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I bet most of you have heard the phrase “you can be anything you want to be if you try hard enough” and you probably have been saying it and repeating it to others as well. Well you are not alone as I have been saying it to myself and to others during my motivational speeches.

Can we really be anything we want to be? Like most people I believed and lived the maxim “we can be anything we want to be if we try hard enough.” I spent most of my life trying to proof that I could be whatever I focused my heart on. I tried fitting my round life into a square hole with effort and belief.

For instance, right from my primary school days, I struggled with numbers and mathematics, yet my parents, made sure I spent more time trying to become good at it. And it worked! I became good at mathematics, enrolled into the science class in my secondary school and ended up studying architecture in the university. Continue reading Can We Really Be Anything We Want to Be?