What Is Your ‘One Thing’?

“This one thing I do…” – St. Paul.

“One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek:..”- King David.

“The man who seeks one thing in life, and but one, May hope to achieve it before life be done; But he who seeks all things, wherever he goes, Only reaps from the hopes which around him he sows, A harvest of barren regrets”. – Owen Meredith.

I have discovered that, the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is not in the amount of work they each do, but in the amount of intelligent work. Many of us who do not achieve much, do enough to achieve grand success; but we labour at haphazard, building up with one hand only to tear down with the other. We do not grasp circumstances and change them into opportunities.

Focus folks, is the name of the game in life. Napoleon Hill calls it ‘definite chief aim’. What is your ‘One thing’? What is your aim and purpose in life? Surprisingly, some of us who desire success don’t know what we really want. We can’t define it in words. Instead we give answers like: “I hardly know yet what I am best suited for, but I am a firm believer in hard work, and I am determined to dig early and late all my life, and I know I shall come across something–either gold, silver, or at least iron.” The Bible tells us; “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” – Matthew 7:7, “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. …” – Jeremiah 29:13. But the man who is forever looking about to see what he can find never finds anything. If we look for nothing in particular, we find just that and no more. We find what we seek with all our heart. “The bee is not the only insect that visits the flower, but it is the only one that carries honey away”.

Just One Hour

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com
“One hour a day withdrawn from frivolous pursuits and profitably employed would enable any man of ordinary capacity to master a complete science”.

One hour a day would in ten years make an uninformed person a well-informed one.

In an hour you could read twenty pages thoughtfully, over seven thousand pages in a year.

In an hour you could right all your wrongs.

An hour a day might make all the difference between bare existence and useful, happy living.

An hour a day might make and yes!It has made someone rise from obscurity to limelight.

If in an hour a day we can achieve these much, consider, then, the mighty possibilities of two-four-six hours a day that are, on the average, thrown away by men and women in the restless desire for fun and diversion!

It’s Going To Be A Great Day

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It’s going to be a great day today.

Not because the weather is perfect.

Not because everyone is nice to me.

Not because I always get what I want.

Not because everyone appreciates my hard work or notices my capabilities.

Not because it will be easy and comfortable.

All of the above aspects of life are things that I can’t control, so relying on them to turn out right to have a great day is fraught with danger.

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6 Causes Of Low Self Esteem

The starting point for both success and happiness is a healthy self-image. “An individual’s self-concept is the core of his personality. It affects every aspect of human behaviour: the ability to learn, the capacity to grow and change, the choice of friends, mates and careers. It’s no exaggeration to say that a strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.” Yet so many of us have a poor self image and low self esteem, as a result we wander through life beaten and dejected.
To achieve and live our greatest lives, we need to develop a positive self esteem, this shouldn’t be confused with a super inflated ego, of being greater than everybody around us. Below are 6 major causes of negative self esteem that we need to watch out for and get rid of in our lives:

1. Some of us have a low self esteem because our abilities, appearance and intelligence have been ridiculed or questioned many times by the people we care about; parents, teachers, friends and others in authority. In many cases, these hurts come in the form of insinuations, but they are just as real and devastating as if they were true. As a result, we see ourselves through the negative eyes of others. If your friends, family and associates find fault like there is a reward for it, you get a distorted picture of the real you.

2. The tendency to confuse failure in a project, or event, with failure in life. A child who fails a subject in school or who doesn’t make the team, makes the mistake of identifying a single failure with failure in life itself. An adult who fails an interview for a dream job, sees that as the end of his life, he begins to think he is no goo at all. This disheartenedly is often reinforced by teachers and/or parents. Once the low self esteem slide starts, the natural tendency is to feed the inferiority feeling.

3. Untrained memory; for some of us the fact that we don’t remember things or names well makes us feel inferior to others. But hear this; “a perfect memory doesn’t indicate a great mind any more than a huge dictionary, with all the words in it, represents a great piece of literature. Second, the person who can’t remember is infinitely better off than the one who can’t forget”. – Zig Ziglar “Actually, there is no such thing as a “good” memory or a “bad” memory; it is either trained or untrained”. There are lots of resources available, some of them are actually free on the internet that can help us develop and have a trained memory.

4. Unrealistic and unfair comparison of experiences; we generally make the mistake of comparing our experience with another person’s experience. We exaggerate their successful experience and downgrade our own success. Experience has nothing to do with ability. For example there are over 400 million Chinese under twenty-five who can do something you probably cannot do. They can speak Chinese. Does that mean they are smarter than you? Not at all; it means they have had a different experience. At this moment you are doing something that over three billion people cannot do. You are reading this post in English Obviously this does not mean you are smarter than three billion other people. It does mean you have had a different experience.

5. Comparing our worst features to other people’s best features; the world is filled with people who don’t find a certain part of their bodies attractive, and so it reduces their self esteem. Folks let us not see ourselves as unattractive. Inside each one of us is talents or good qualities. Comparing your worst qualities to someone else’s best quality is self defeating. Instead, let’s take our best features or talents, and use them to get what we want in life. Do not forget these words from the bible; “ I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from You, When I was made in secret, And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth”.. – Psalms 139 :14 – 15

6. Unrealistic and unreachable standards of perfection that are unrealistic and unreachable; this often leads to failure. Often times when we fail due to our own overly high standards, we never forgive ourselves. We feel we must either be perfect, the best or the worst. And so since we failed, we now think and believe that we are the worst. “This affects all areas of life and is an underlying cause of job dissatisfaction, discord in the rearing of children, unhappiness in a marital relationship, etc. After all, if a person feels he is the “worst,” then surely he cannot believe he “deserves” a good job, a good mate, good children, or anything of merit or value.” – Zig Ziglar.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Taking A Leap Of Faith

It’s time to get out of our comfort zones a little.  So what if you look a little foolish?  So what if people see you and you’re not an expert?  Get out there and live life to the fullest.  Dance the mambo, learn a new language and go on a trip, bungee jump.  Just do something.  Most of the time these days, we stick to what we know.  We don’t go out on a limb and trust that it will all be okay somehow.  So, you know what to do… TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH!  Name one thing that you’ve always wanted to do but have never done.  Now, figure out a way to make it happen.  And I don’t mean just think about it.  Do It!  What is the thing that keeps you from trying something new?  Learning how to do something you’ve never done before can be…

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The Gift Of Good-bye

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

I read somewhere about the gift of good-bye. Yes, when good-bye is actually a gift to us. We usually experience this gift when people who hurt us, or pull us down choose to leave our lives. But most times a lot of us don’t realize this gift, we do not realize that a failed relationship is actually a gift, that the people leaving our lives are doing us great favours. So instead of looking forward, moving on and getting ready for what God has in store for us we just struggle, fight, and cry over the relationship that isn’t working.

Its true most of the people leaving us may not be bad people after all, they were good to us at some point or throughout the relationship, but folks the season for that relationship is over. We may not know it but God does. The bible says God sees the end of our lives from the beginning. So maybe the reason is God has seen that this person(s), he/she is holding you back. Maybe he/she is keeping you from advancing. Maybe he/she is a bad influence.

When people leave our lives; whether they are our spouses, lovers, partners, colleagues – lets not get too angry and try to make them stay by all means. Just believe and know that God has a better plan for your future, and that the people who leave us are not tied to our future. Folks “When God is finished with something, there’s no amount of glue that can hold it together.” Let it go and expect God to do something new for you.