Take Action

There is a story in the Bible gospel of John, about a pool by the sheep gate in Jerusalem where an Angel comes in periodically to stir the water, and any person that enters into the pool first after the angel’s action was healed of his or her diseases.

Around this pool were gathered so many people with diverse afflictions, all waiting for the angel, and to get into the water. Among these group was a particular man who had been sick for thirty eight years, and had been waiting along with the others for an opportunity to get into the pool. Now it so happened that Jesus passed along that way one day, and seeing the man, He asked him; “Do you want to be made well?” But our man instead of answering the question directly, reeled out so many excuses why he was still lying down there – He told Jesus how didn’t have any family member or friend to assist him get into the pool, and so on.

You see like that man, there are so many of us who just wait. We sit around, we are where we are because we are waiting for the world to give us a chance. I hear and see it around me all the time; “oh if only I had a rich Dad or Uncle, I wouldn’t be here at this level”; “I am here because nobody wants to help me out.” Folks, the world have never given anyone a chance. Think of the big names we hear of today. The many great men and women who are reshaping our world today got where they are through their imagination, self-confidence, initiative and hard work.

It doesn’t matter how highly educated you are, whether you got first class degree from the Ivy League universities around, your education is worth nothing to you and the world if you don’t take action. Life requires you to take action. When Jesus got to heal that man, He asked him to take action: “Arise, take your bed and walk.” It’s the same thing we ought to do if we are to live our greatest lives.

Rise up from your complains, excuses, fears, worries, doubts…and WALK. Enough of your victim stories – Take Action. “Take responsibility for your own happiness and success. Your friends and family may reach out to you in times of need. Be grateful for that, welcome their efforts, but keep pushing on your own too. The more efforts you put in, the more opportunities you create.” – Nick Vujicic

Choose Your Friends

The most important thing in life is a friend, yet most of us do not take the time to choose our friends. It has been said that how far we go in life would be determined by the books we read and the friends we keep. So if you want to reach great heights in life you need to have friends who believe in you and inspire you to get there.

Who are your friends? A man is judged by the quality of his friends. If you hang around and become friends with negative, pessimistic folks, you will become negative and pessimistic, there by living a life below your potentials because we are the average of the people we spend our time with.

Some of us go about trying to be friends with everybody. Folks you can’t live your life that way, it’s not in the hoard of friends you have, but the quality of friends you keep. Friends ought to be carefully chosen and kept. Some of the people we call friends today are not suppose to be around us, we ought to keep them far from us, some may be good for correspondence, some should be mere acquaintances. The path to success requires that you take total control of your thoughts, words and actions. You don’t need to be around toxic people, who are always casting doubts and bursting your dreams. The bible says; “Do not be deceived; evil company corrupts good manners”. You have worked and given so much to get to this point, don’t let negative and toxic people pull you backwards.

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27: 17(NKJV) “The insight of a true friend is more useful than the goodwill of others” Gain your friends by choice, not by chance, or circumstances. “A wise friend wards off worries, a foolish one brings them about.” Good friends are few, if you have them, keep them, as to keep is more important than to make new ones.

Learn To Wait

We live in a world that every day is lived in a rush, and everybody is in a hurry. In a hurry to be rich; in a hurry to get married; in a hurry “to be there” now. While we have to manage our time, it is important that we apply gentleness and patience with ourselves as we pursue our dreams, and not be too much in a hurry. Some of us want the results before we do the work. Due to this rush, some of us cannot enjoy our lives; we run through pleasures without enjoying them, in our hurry to get through everything too soon.

Folks all great people know how to wait. They understand that great results in life cannot be achieved at once. The secret of great success is to learn how to wait. An Eastern proverbs says; “Time and patience, change the mulberry leaf to satin.”

Patience is a virtue we must all have. Maybe you have done everything right, spoken to all the contacts you know, well all you have to do next is just wait…it may seem long but at the right time your break will come. You find in the Bible that, all the men and women who had great miracles had to wait…even when all hoped seemed lost. In the end their patience was rewarded. Every farmer knows too well that there is a planting time, a waiting time, and the time for harvest.

Move And You Will Have Your Place

The driver right in front of me is making a mistake
He’s stopping on the entrace ramp, waiting for his break
The more he hits his break, the bigger break he’s going to need
When a little break is plenty if he’d just been up to speed

So I say move and you’ll have your place
Don’t sit waiting on the human race
Just go, you got your chance
You can’t be timid in the four-lane dance

Oh and now he’s got it parked there and he’s looking back behind
Pleading out the window, hoping someone might be kind enough
To stop and wait and hold the traffic flow
And still he’s not quite confident there’s room for him to go

So I say move and you’ll have your place
Don’t sit waiting on the human race
Just go, you got your chance
You can’t be timid in the four-lane dance

The freeway’s just a lesson in the way you drive your dream
If you think you’ll never make it, well than that’s the way it seems
But if you thought that it’d be easy, well then easy it would be
Why just a foot between the bumpers has been room enough for me

So I say move and you’ll have your place
Don’t sit waiting on the human race
Just go, you got your chance
You can’t be timid in the four-lane dance

-David Wilcox – Four Lane Dance

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little cold of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”

– George Bernard Shaw

No Standing Still

“He who is silent is forgotten; He who does not advance falls back; He who stops is overwhelmed, distanced, crushed; He who ceases to become greater, becomes smaller; He who leaves off gives up; the stationary is the beginning of the end – it precedes death; to live is to achieve, to will without ceasing. – Orison S. Marden

Keep moving. Keep pushing towards your dreams. Whatever it is you want to achieve this year, you can start by taking the first step, then the second…the third and so on till you get to your destination – “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.

A lot of us are where we are today, far from our goals because we are waiting for the conditions to be perfect. We want a perfect day, perfect time, perfect opportunity, clear chance…to do what we intend to do. We forget that conditions are never perfect for anything. Just as the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 11:4; “He who observes the wind (and waits for the conditions to be favourable) will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap.”

You see when I started out to write this blog, so many things were against me, it was as if I was already set up to fail. First, I am not a professional writer, I trained as an Architect. Putting up the blog, choosing the themes and all other stuff was a huge challenge for me..but I just had to start. Next came the “Doubting Thomases” around me, who didn’t believe in my vision. They began to show me my limitations, the things I had failed at in the past and so on. But I didn’t allow all that to deter me. As God helped me, I learnt along the way, from the mistakes I make, and so far the journey has been incredible.

Folks, never put off the pursuit of your dreams because of challenges. Everyone who has succeeded at anything in life, didn’t do so without obstacles, but they surmounted them. In the race of life, there is no standing still, or you will be knocked down.

Do you have a dream? Has God placed something in your heart to do? As Jeff Moore says; “Just get started” and the dots would connect along the way. Folks the best way to learn how to run, is to run. The best way to learn how to swim is to swim. The best way to learn how to sing is to sing. The best way to learn how to talk is to talk. The best way to learn how to do anything is to do it. “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” – Les Brown

It’s According To Your Faith

“According to your faith be it unto you.” Our faith is a very good measure of what we get out of life. “The man of weak faith gets little; the man of mighty faith gets much.” The level of your confidence in your ability to do the things you attempt, determines the degree of your achievement. So if you want to live your greatest life, you have to believe that you have greatness inside you.

To get what you want in life, you must believe that your destiny is in your hands, that whatever happens is up to you, that there is a power within you – the Spirit of God inside you which, if awakened, aroused, called upon, and matched with effort, persistence, determination, will bring your desires to you.

It does not matter what other people think of you, of your plans, or of your goals. Never mind what name they call you; whether they’ve tagged you a visionary, a crank, a castle builder, a dreamer, or whatever else; you must believe in yourself. You forsake yourself when you lose your confidence. Never allow anybody or any challenge to shake your belief in yourself.

“You may lose your property, your health, your reputation, other peoples’ confidence, even; but there is always hope for you so long as you keep a firm faith in yourself. If you never lose that, but keep pushing on, the world will, sooner or later, make way for you.”

When you doubt your ability to pursue your dreams; when you think that others are better suited, positioned and qualified for what you are vying for, than you; when you are afraid of taking risks ; when you lack boldness, determination, grit, courage, will power; you can never achieve greatness, until you change your whole mental attitude and learn to have great faith in yourself.

“A man’s confidence measures the height of his possibilities. A stream cannot rise higher than its fountain head.”

“According to your faith be it unto you.” Live your greatest life!