When Bad Breath Gets In the Way

Knocked Down, Still Standing

It is natural that after we eat certain pungent food such as fish, garlic, onion that our breath may smell a little bad. This scent should not linger if it is addressed immediately with proper oral hygiene care after eating any strong scented food. If ignored, it can lead to a continuous offensive breath. ‎

Do You Have Bad Breath?

In many cases, people are unaware their breath is bad. You may wonder how one can be oblivious to that fact when the mouth is right under the nose. But believe it or not, it’s easy to get used to the smell because it’s so close. Also, some people are good at pinpointing other people’s deficiency and not see/smell their own, even when if it’s as close as under their nose. (I am doing my own breath test even as I write. See below to know how.)

Surviving a Conversation with Bad Breath

It can very uncomfortable having…

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