Daily Wisdom: Happiness Is Not In What You Seek

What do you want in life? Most people want the same things. Financial security; health; a lover; feeling fulfilled, safe, secure; etc. When you really think about all the things you want and then ask why you want them…you will end up with wanting joy, happiness, peace, contentment and a feeling of deep love, appreciation, and being totally 100% accepted.

The truth is we all want positive emotions and to feel good/blissful/happy all the time, and so we think that having some things or conditions will give us these feelings/emotions we so deeply seek. They do not. So, how do you get all the things in life you want and the positive feelings/emotions that are the root of all our desires?

While many books, teachings and courses, seem to offer formulas and secrets to happiness on earth, whatever they offer isn’t lasting. You too may have had the experience of investing some money into a program and book only to realize the old feelings of frustration and emptiness found their way back after a while.

However there is a formula for feeling bliss/positive/happy/love all the time and this is found in the words of Jesus when he said; “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.” So now you have it. Whether you accept it is up to you. I realize that most people don’t follow simple instructions; they prefer the complex methods and things. Try this today and see if you won’t feel positive and happy!

2 thoughts on “Daily Wisdom: Happiness Is Not In What You Seek”

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to put into words, that indescribable feeling of sheer joy that bubbles up inside when you finally get that “AH HAH!!” moment, as the Holy Spirit fully descends…or rather when you fully embrace Him?!

    Now THAT would be a beautiful book.

    Daily Wisdom is wonderful. I look forward to browsing the rest of your blog. Thank you for visiting The Old Fossil Writes, Vincent.

    Pearl xxx


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