Hard Work Makes The Difference


“One day a woman was working in the garden outside of her house when a travelling minister stopped by. “What a lovely garden,” he exclaimed, getting out of his horse – drawn buggy. Full of roses, orchids, and other beautiful flowers, the garden was bothered by sculpted hedges and stood out from the other gardens in the neighbourhood.

“My good woman. God has certainly blessed you with an extraordinary garden.”

The woman stood up and wiped her brow.

“Yes and I am grateful. But you should have seen this place when He had it all to Himself!”

As he rode away, the minister realized that every gardener along this road had been blessed with the same soil, the same opportunity, and that each garden was a reflection of the people who created it. What someone does with their garden is their business. While each gardener had similar materials to work with, this woman had done something truly extraordinary, for her garden had so far surpassed her neighbours’.

The woman was grateful for what she has been given, but she knew that what she did with it was the difference between success and failure.”

Just like this gardener and her garden, each of us have been blessed with talents, skills, opportunities, people etc. while most of us sit back and lament about the insufficiency and lack of these gifts, there are some among us who have used theirs, and transform themselves into greatness.

Friends we are not poor, or unsuccessful because we lack talents or opportunities, but because we fail to see the talents and opportunities we have, and to use those wisely. Just like in the parable of the talents spoken of by Jesus in the Bible, we have behaved like the servant who hid is one talent because others were given higher talents.

No matter where you are, or what you are right now, work hard. Others may be smarter than you, others may be more talented than you are, others may have better connections, others may have better opportunities, but no one should work harder than you. Because good luck may help you get to the top, but it takes hard work to stay there.

You may not have all that you need right now, but thank God for the little have. Be grateful for where you are in life, and like thate gardener, bend down to work on your dreams, your goals and your future. Consistent hard work on your goals will lead you to greatness. As Proverbs 10:4 says; “Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, But the hand of the diligent makes rich.”

9 thoughts on “Hard Work Makes The Difference”

  1. Thankyou! Great piece! Love the line, “Yes and I am grateful. But you should have seen this place when He had it all to Himself!”


  2. Reminds me of a phrase I saw today: good things come to those who wait … it was crossed out. Below was written: good things come to those who work their ass off and never give up.


    1. Yes Paul…You don’t give up..you keep pushing, praying and working till the end. Because when you wait or give up, the Devil catches up and runs you over if you are not careful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. You are always an inspiration. God bless you.


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