Our Worst Enemies are Not Outside, But Inside of Us

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The world has been thinking wrong. We think our greatest enemies are people from other tribes, religion, colours, nations; people who don’t support us, our competitors, or even our family members who are not doing as much as we are. And this thinking is responsible for the hate and negativity we spread.

On the contrary, our worst enemies are not outside but inside of us. Every human being harbours a traitor who is always on the watch to thwart his ambition, to cause failure for his efforts. That traitor is doubt.

You must realize that no matter who you are, or what you do, you will always be followed about by certain mental enemies, mental traitors, which will try to dissuade you from doing the best you can or achieving your dreams whatever they may be. Doubt is one of the most insistent of these.

I think of my life and how much more I would have achieved if I hadn’t doubted myself. While its easy to point out blame to others who didn’t support us, or who doubted our success, we often doubted ourselves first before others, who saw through us began confirming our doubts.

In my case I have always dreamed of inspiring people and helping overcome their setbacks to achieve personal success, yet I doubted if people would want to listen to me; I doubted if my personal experiences of failure and success were enough to share with others.

I compared myself with great speakers and teachers and I thought, I wasn’t in their mould, so I shrank.  It took me years to decide to write my first blog post and to start talking to people, and now I look back at just how much time I have wasted doubting myself.

I know that you too may be experiencing some self doubts; you may be thinking of the consequences, and asking the “what if” questions. What if I fail? What if I don’t get the money? What if no one reads? What if this or that happened?

If you find yourself thinking in that manner, I want you to remember that the person who is always fearful of consequences, who is in doubt as to the outcome of his actions, or whether he is really capable of doing what he undertakes, will always be a weakling. Do you want to be referred as weak despite your strengths?

If you want to accomplish anything worthwhile, if you want to see your dreams come true no matter what those dreams are, then you must become bigger and rise higher than your doubts. Because doubt is a subtle enemy that kills initiative and self-confidence. And without having initiative and confidence in yourself, you can never measure up to your possibilities.

So what do you think? Do you have what it takes?

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