Are You Your Brothers’ Keeper?

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I woke up with this message; just because someone appears to be doing well doesn’t mean they are. How well do we know the people around us? I am actually very guilty about this.

Folks people are not usually what we assume they are; Just because someone is always smiling doesn’t mean they are actually happy on the inside, they may be going through so much difficulties. Just because someone you know is rich doesn’t mean they don’t have issues.

We have been called to be our brothers’ keepers. How much of this work have we been doing? Look a person may be married, and you assume oh he/she is okay and happily married, but on the contrary the marriage isn’t doing as well as it seems and since you don’t bother to care enough, you will never know. A person may appear to have it all together and living the life, but inside them they just don’t have the kind of peace and joy that you enjoy and can offer them if you get closer a bit to care.

I know we live in a world where everyone is trying to mind their business, where we think getting close to people mean we are violating their privacy but God says we should do better.

Recently my friend came to me weeping and narrating her ordeal; how a friend of hers called her to please go and check on his mother, whom he had been trying to reach on the phone but to no avail. He texted her address and when she got there, the door was locked but it appeared someone was inside the apartment.

She went around and asked the neighbours if they had seen their neighbour (the woman), but no one seems to know if she was around, even her next door neighbour hadn’t spoken to her for weeks. Well she decided to go around the house and found that one of the windows at the back wasn’t really locked and on sliding it, saw the woman lying on the floor of the house in an unusual manner.

My friend called for help and some guys came to force the door open, and when they did, found the woman was lifeless. They took her to the hospital but she was discovered to have died days on. Yet nobody around her knew.

All the people blowing up and killing people in our world today don’t live in isolation, it amazes me most times when I watch the families of these individuals being interviewed after the wicked attacks carried out by their children/siblings, and yet these folks claim didn’t know their sons/husbands/brothers had the capacity to carry out such attacks. This just goes to show how don’t even know the people we claim to love.

Folks let’s all reach out to someone around us today. Make it a habit to care, to show love and concern, to talk to people around us. Let’s not just assume that all is well simply because they look well. Let’s be our brothers’ keepers.

Live your greatest life!

6 thoughts on “Are You Your Brothers’ Keeper?”

    1. I Just read the comment. Great inside indeed. We need to ask it with sincerity. I think today, “how are you?” is simply a greeting, without much thought or meaning, and the person asking just expects you to say fine.
      But God expects us to ask with love, to expect to be unsettled by the response, and be willing to be Christ like in the life or the individual. Thanks for the insight.

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  1. It is difficult for this generation to engage with strangers that way. Sad, but that’s the way it is. My first instinct when a random person tries to talk to me is “WTF do you want from me?” I never make assumptions about people though. Many people hide their pain under a smile so that no one can see their vulnerability. I wish I had that strength.


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