How To Have An Unhappy Life

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Unhappiness comes when we put our hopes and trust in our fellow humans instead of putting them on God and ourselves. When we are able to eradicate this need of others and begin to believe that our lives direction is determined by God and our own efforts, we will see how happy we become despite the circumstances we find ourselves.

I can tell you this because I have been a victim of this. There were times, a few years ago when I blamed my family for my situation. I felt unloved and held bitterness in my heart, and the result was my lack of progress.

You see the fact is, you can never move forward when you are dwelling in the past when you are heavily laden with burdens because the mind needs to be totally free for it to think clearly.

A couple of weeks back I met a lady who still blamed her situation on a failed relationship of 5 years back. She went on lamenting and blaming the guy for being responsible for her still being single because he left her for another. The guy is obviously not aware of this and had moved on from then to start his own family, yet she was still stuck in that chapter of her life.

Because of her negative thoughts of anger and hate, she is unable to see anything good in other suitors hence are present marital status. Yet there are still many people out there like this lady, who still think that there can be only one person created for them, and when that one fails, their lives fails with them.

I don’t know what your own situation is, what is causing you to have this victim mentality, perhaps it isn’t even loving, maybe it is a failed business or a job loss or whatever else. You must realize that true happiness in life isn’t tied to the way other treat you, but it lies in your ability to let go and trust in God. With this kind of attitude, there will be nothing anyone, place, or thing will do that will affect your happiness.

Unfortunately, this is tough for most people to do because we have been so programmed by our society to believe that someone must be responsible for how we feel. We were thought to think that everything good is caused by God while everything bad is of the Devil or our enemies at work.

But “there are doors that God shuts locked for us because He knows we won’t find what we think lies inside. You can trust that He knows what’s best for you and move along – or you can waste half of your life in search of keys to open up that door and tools to break it down.”

Every one of us on earth irrespective of our faith and religious beliefs has times of sorrow and troubles, where our eyes are filled with tears that we cannot see the stars that will shine above us. But we shouldn’t forget that the light is there, shining true and steadfast to light our paths.

Stop regretting what is irreparable and make the best of what you are, because what you are, and where you are right now, is God’s providential arrangement – God’s doing, though it may be man’s misdoing.

And the best way to deal with the situation is to look your disadvantage in the face and see what can be made out of them. Just as God’s word tell us that all things work together for good to them that love God.

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