5 Things John Legend Can Teach Men on How to Treat a Lady

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

John Legend is an award winning American R&B Artist. His songs “All of me” dedicated to his wife and “You and I” have impacted the world of music since their release. Here I draw out real relationship lessons on how men can treat their ladies from the lyrics of those songs:

Always appreciate her wisdom and advice; when you heed your lady’s advice and it saves you a lot of troubles…please drop your ego and let her know without her help, whatever you achieved wouldn’t be possible. Or just as John Legend puts it; “What would I do without your smart mouth?”

When last did you renew your love or marriage vows?: follow John Legend make that commitment again, tell her: “ Give your all to me, and I will give my all to you”, “All of me loves all of you”

Every woman needs to know she is beautiful: what attracted you to her? What her those features you love about her? Let her know you still notice her. Point out her “unique selling points”. John Legend says; “ I love your curves and your edges”, “I love all your imperfections”, “If your mirror won’t make it clearer, I will be the one to let you know” “All of the stars, you make them shine as if they were ours”

Create an “alone” time for her: when was the last time you spent time alone with your spouse? Spice up your relationship the John Legend way, make out time for your spouse…shut out all the noise and distractions. Maybe an evening like John says; “And this evening…ain’t nobody in the world, but you and I”

It’s not enough to say nice words, and buy gifts for your spouse, when all is well. What a woman really needs is her man being there for her when her moods her down; when her world is turning over; when other people doubt her or her against her. At that moment she needs to know you are going to support her, and she can count on you when all else fails. Assure her as John says; “When the world is beating you down, I am around through every mood.” “I will risk it all, even though it’s hard.”

12 thoughts on “5 Things John Legend Can Teach Men on How to Treat a Lady”

  1. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    “What a Woman Needs is for Her Man to be there for her.” But Not just when she is feeling Low!

    Actually, Man has the same Needs too!


    One has to Appreciate John Legend’s suggestions, like:

    Appreciating her wisdom and advice,
    Renewing One’s Marriage Vows periodically,
    Telling Her that She is Beautiful, and Importantly,
    Creating ‘Alone Times’ for her,
    And Not only Saying nice words, but showing the Love in Action.


    Yet, Unfortunately, John leaves a Bitter After-taste in the Mouth. There is a thing called ‘Humility with a Hook.’ John’s compliments are actually of that kind; Barbed Ones.

    His saying:

    “I love all your imperfections,”
    “What would I do without your smart mouth?” etc,

    Might sound whatever You want to call it, but they are Actually Put-Downs.

    Said the Right way, in the Right place, like Your Bedroom, they would be indeed superb. But coming out in the Public like this, shows he has his very Shoe in his mouth.

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  2. My Dear Vincent, wanted to say few things about this, actually, more than a few things. While YOU present Great things, am quite dissatisfied with John’s views. Am reblogging this with my comments. Love and Regards.

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  3. My Dear Vincent, Just saw that You have given a ‘like’ to my Reblog. You have the Heart of a Lion, and are a True Christian. While I reblogged it with my comments as I felt they were needed, even I did not like what was changing the tone of Your post. I like Your Magnanimity. Much Love and Regards indeed.


    1. Dear Fr. Thank you for your kind thoughts about me. I am humbled and honoured by your words. I liked your reblog, because I saw wisdom and truth in your words. Your comments opened my eyes to see, another way one can interpret the words of John. Secondly, I believe that not everyone ought to agree with my teachings and opinions, so I am always open to meaningful criticism, as it offers me an opportunity to learn from people. Thank you very much. I would be honoured if I can have your email so I discuss some Issues with you. mine is vinegoro at gmail dot com. Blessings!


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